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To give healthcare teams the tools to shape patient mindsets and improve healthcare outcomes, Kari Leibowitz & Alia Crum developed the Medicine Plus Mindset training. Before creating a video version of the training, Kari & Alia drove all over the Bay Area delivering the training to care teams, including all of Stanford Primary Care.


Kari Leibowitz, PhD

Health Psychologist

Kari Leibowitz is a health psychologist who received her PhD in social psychology from Stanford University. Her research in the Stanford Mind & Body Lab investigated strategies for harnessing mindsets to improve health, well-being, and performance. Kari received her undergraduate degree from Emory University, and her work has taken her all over the world. She organized the 2013 visit of the Dalai Lama to Emory, co-led three summers of Emory’s Tibetan Mind/Body Sciences study abroad program in India, and served as a U.S.-Norway Fulbright scholar. As a Fulbright scholar, Kari lived in Tromsø, Norway, north of the Arctic Circle, and studied mindsets about winter.

Kari teaches “Mindsets Matter: Strategies for Improving your Health, Performance, and Wellbeing” for Stanford Continuing Studies. Her favorite reviews from this course include: “Kari is a full cup of coffee, a roller coaster at the State Fair, and a smile in minus 20 degree weather (since she has a winter mindset)” and “Give this woman a raise!”. In addition to publishing her academic work in numerous peer-reviewed outlets, Kari has delivered talks and workshops on how to leverage the power of mindset to international audiences. Her writing on this topic has appeared in The Atlantic and The New York Times. When she’s not helping people use the power of mindset in her own life, you can find her walking in San Francisco’s Glen Canyon Park with her dog, Zeus, reading fiction, and trying to keep her plants alive.


Alia Crum, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Stanford University

Alia J. Crum is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and the Principle Investigator of the Stanford Mind & Body Lab. She received her PhD from Yale University and BA degree from Harvard University. Alia’s research focuses on how changes in subjective mindsets – the core assumptions we make about things and processes in the world – can alter objective reality through behavioral, psychological, and physiological mechanisms. Her work is, in part, inspired by research on the placebo effect, a robust demonstration of the ability of mindsets to elicit healing properties in the body. She is interested in understanding how mindsets affect important outcomes both within and beyond the realm of medicine, in domains such as exercise, diet, and stress. Moreover, Alia’s research aims to understand how mindsets can be consciously and deliberately changed through intervention to affect physiological and psychological well-being.

To date, her research has won several awards including the NIH New Innovator Award and the Association for Psychological Science’s Rising Star Award. She is also the recipient of the Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award and the Dean’s Award for First Years of Teaching at Stanford University. In addition to her academic research and teaching, Alia has worked as a clinical psychologist for the VA healthcare system and has created, delivered, and evaluated interventions focused on mindset change for organizations including LinkedIn, UBS, Stanford Healthcare, and the United States Navy.


"Very interesting concepts. Not only will I incorporate this with patients, but also with friends and family as well."

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