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Medicine Plus Mindset is an evidence-based training to help care teams harness the power of mindset in practice.


Unlock the power of mindset in your clinic

Medicine Plus Mindset sessions are interactive and engaging, and designed to help give team members the tools to shape patient mindsets to improve health outcomes.

Medicine Plus Mindset provides evidence, framework, and strategies

Scientific evidence of how mindsets matter in shaping treatment outcomes

A language and framework for identifying patient mindsets


Strategies for effectively shaping patient mindsets


Designed for everyone on the healthcare team

This training is for the entire clinic. If you work in the clinic, you're on the team!

Medical assistants
Clinic managers
Nurse practitioners
Behavioral health specialists

Training Goals

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Improve your practice

Learn to recognize influential patient mindsets and strategies for shaping mindsets to improve effectiveness and efficiency in your practice

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Provide better care to your patients

The Medicine Plus Mindset training gives team members tools to use mindset to improve the experience and outcomes of treatment

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Increase job satisfaction

By giving care teams new tools for connecting with patients, the Medicine Plus Mindset training is designed to invigorate the joy of practice and increases job satisfaction

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We look forward to bringing the power of mindset to your practice.



"I think the beauty of the Medicine Plus Mindset training is that it’s another lens for us to think about patients and another viewpoint that helps us talk to and about patients in a different way."

To learn more or ask questions, please contact us today!

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