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To give healthcare teams the tools to shape patient mindsets and improve healthcare outcomes, Kari Leibowitz & Alia Crum developed the Medicine Plus Mindset training. Before creating a video version of the training, Kari & Alia drove all over the Bay Area delivering the training to care teams, including all of Stanford Primary Care.


What is a mindset?

A mindset is a core assumption that orients an individual to a particular set of expectations and associations. Mindsets influence attention and motivation by helping people selectively attune to and filter information from their surrounding environment. By shaping attention, motivation, and physiology, mindsets can significantly influence patient health outcomes.

As healthcare providers, what you say and how you say it shapes your patients’ mindsets, which, in turn, influences patient outcomes.

Training Model


Training Features

The Medicine Plus Mindset training is designed as a two-session course to be delivered over the span of one to four weeks. It is totally self guided and can be lead by anyone on the care team.

Video-based for in-person or remote participation

The video training includes explanatory presentations and animations as well as exercises to help participants apply what they are learning. Each of the two one-hour sessions has a self-contained video that you can access and stream online.

Materials Provided

Two training videos

Facilitator’s guide (.pdf)

Handouts (.pdf)

Reminder stickers (optional)

Facilitator’s Guide

Facilitating the training is easy. The guide provides tips for running and customizing the program in person or online.


Training Structure + Outline


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1-4 weeks


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Introduction & the power of mindset
Mindsets about treatment
Mindsets about illness
Mindsets about the body

Revisit Session 1 learnings
Mindsets about the care team
Strategies for shaping patient mindsets
Bringing it home


"I've always been a fan of having a positive mindset but knowing that the body does well after just having the right mindset is truly amazing!"

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