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We are psychology researchers with more than 15 years of experience. This history plays a role in how we design our trainings.

The Medicine Plus Mindset training was born out of a recognition that most care teams are unaware of the power of mindset to influence patient health outcomes.

Decades of research

Based on cutting-edge research from the Stanford Mind & Body Lab, as well as decades of prior research from medicine, psychology, behavioral economics, and neuroscience, we know that mindsets play a tremendous role in patients' health behaviors, physiology, and health outcomes. Yet in our conversations with colleagues at Stanford School of Medicine, we (Kari Leibowitz & Alia Crum), realized that healthcare providers and team members were often unaware of the magnitude and power of mindsets’ effects. Even when team members knew mindset mattered, there was little support or training to help care teams deliberately, consistently, and effectively harness mindsets in clinical practice. To address this need – and to improve healthcare experience and outcomes – we developed the Medicine Plus Mindset training.

Drawing from Dr. Alia Crum’s own research in the field of health psychology for over 15 years, Dr. Crum & Dr. Leibowitz developed the training to help care teams harness the power of mindset in their clinical practice. The format and structure of the training draw from best practices in psychology and education. The training was developed in collaboration with physicians and other medical practitioners at Stanford University and subject to review by experts in medicine and psychology. It was pilot tested with several clinics in Stanford Healthcare before its initial delivery to all of Stanford Primary Care as part of their Primary Care 2.0 initiative.


"The Medicine Plus Mindset training was a very useful, well presented, relevant discussion. It was eye opening. We take a lot of things for granted and do it as a routine, but it’s very interesting to see the scientific backing to our views."

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